November 24, 2012

More new stuff!

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share what I've been working on these last few days:

I made some more teddy-bunnies, or as my friend calls them "huggy bunnies!"
They are getting ready to make their debut at the Northside Holiday Arts Show on December 8th at the North Presbyterian church. More information here

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! :)

November 21, 2012

Relief Treasury

I have been looking forward to Thanksgiving break for several weeks now. Once this week started it felt like it would never end! Finally it is Wednesday and after 2pm today (when my last class is over) I can relax!!  (sort of...) Anyways, I made this treasury to soothe my nerves and satisfy my Etsy cravings for today. Enjoy!
Click here to view the items.... 

November 20, 2012

Wish List

It is getting to be that time of year again when we shop for gifts! I just love buying things for people -- even if it is a bit nerve-wracking! I have already purchased gifts for several people.
This weekend I went on a total Etsy binge while I babysat (don't worry -- the kids were asleep the entire time!)I don't know what is so fun about looking at tons of beautiful/cute stuff that I can't afford... but I just love it anyways. It can be inspiring too.
Anyway, I found some really cute stuff on Etsy and elsewhere that has definitely been added to my wishlist:

What's on your wish list?? :)

November 19, 2012


I have been on a real sewing kick the last few days...  I wanted to share with you what I've made.
The newest version of teddy-bunnies.
They're a little shorter and fatter than last year's teddy-bunnies. And this time, I made the pattern myself.  The details are appliqu├ęd fancy felt.
I plan to make several more for the show on December 8th. Come "meet" them in person at the Northside Holiday Arts show! (more details still to come!!!)

November 18, 2012

Display Ideas...

I am gearing up for my first art show in about a year... The Cincinnati Holiday Arts Show(December 8th from 10 to 4 in Northside -- more details coming soon!)
I am determined to have a better display this time, so I had a look around Pinterest and found some neat display ideas, thought I'd share them here:

Whether you're a fellow artist looking for a unique way to display your pieces or just a regular gal trying to find a cute way to display her collection.... Happy inspiration!

November 17, 2012

Winter Night Alone

Went on an Etsy binge tonight and I decided that I should at least have something to show for it... so I made a treasury! Most of these items come from my favourites list on Etsy... I hope you like it!

Click here to navigate to the items. 
Stay warm out there! 

March 27, 2012

Musings: Smell

As I was coming home from picking my mom up at the airport, I became distinctly aware of the wonderful smell I could sense on my porch.. Since the weather has been so unseasonably warm (thank you, global climate change!) the flowering shrubs all around my porch are starting to bloom and the smell is intoxicating!!
I found myself thinking that I wish I could capture the SMELL. Taking a picture of the plants would be nice (if it had been light enough to do so), but finding some way to simply bottle the smell (in a way similar to how a camera "captures" the moment) would have been a thousand times better.. There is a million-dollar idea!!
While a picture may say a thousand words, the nose is one of the most, if not the most, direct way that a sense enters the brain. In addition, it is somehow psycho-physiologically hooked up to deep feelings and memories -- have you ever noticed how particular smells will bring waves of emotions and sometimes more distinct memories.
For me, I have this rose essential oil that I used to wear all the time just as Jim and I were beginning our relationship.. Both of us still love the smell of it because it brings back these memories of flirty walks in the woods and the excitement of new love....
While perfumes are of course "bottled" smells, I am talking more about being able to capture a random smell you encounter in daily life (just like snapping a *visual* picture) and then being able to go back through it, as if going through a "smell album" the way one might go through a picture album.
Anyways, with the theme of "capturing" things, here are some cute mini things that seem to each be capturing something:


Has anyone else ever thought this?