March 27, 2012

Musings: Smell

As I was coming home from picking my mom up at the airport, I became distinctly aware of the wonderful smell I could sense on my porch.. Since the weather has been so unseasonably warm (thank you, global climate change!) the flowering shrubs all around my porch are starting to bloom and the smell is intoxicating!!
I found myself thinking that I wish I could capture the SMELL. Taking a picture of the plants would be nice (if it had been light enough to do so), but finding some way to simply bottle the smell (in a way similar to how a camera "captures" the moment) would have been a thousand times better.. There is a million-dollar idea!!
While a picture may say a thousand words, the nose is one of the most, if not the most, direct way that a sense enters the brain. In addition, it is somehow psycho-physiologically hooked up to deep feelings and memories -- have you ever noticed how particular smells will bring waves of emotions and sometimes more distinct memories.
For me, I have this rose essential oil that I used to wear all the time just as Jim and I were beginning our relationship.. Both of us still love the smell of it because it brings back these memories of flirty walks in the woods and the excitement of new love....
While perfumes are of course "bottled" smells, I am talking more about being able to capture a random smell you encounter in daily life (just like snapping a *visual* picture) and then being able to go back through it, as if going through a "smell album" the way one might go through a picture album.
Anyways, with the theme of "capturing" things, here are some cute mini things that seem to each be capturing something:


Has anyone else ever thought this?

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  1. Thanks so much for including me here, and thanks more so for alerting me to the third item!

    I wish we could capture smells that way too, the smell of fresh cut grass is one of my favourites in the world (another is sausages) and while I have some essential oil fragrenced like it, I wish there was another, better way to do it.


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