September 22, 2011

Paint Swatch Magic

       I decided to make some paint swatch book marks when I saw this tutorial here (hers look much cuter than mine)! I got these paint swatches from a somewhat local Lowe's.. I found a ton of woodland critter rubber stamps I used when I was little. I tried this with ink pad ink, special printing ink (which took forever .. like several days to dry!) and finally I tried it with acrylic paints that I happened to have left over from other projects... these dried quickly and I could use a range of colours! I also laminated both sides and stuck the paint swatch book marks back to back with double sided tape (so each one is double sided, with prints on both sides)! 
hopefully i can get a better picture soon..
   Does anyone else know of other upcycled projects that would be cool to do involving paint swatches... or anything else??

I think I will try this one next... !

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