October 2, 2011

Strange Flower

So, I have been commissioned to make this:

"What is that??" you might ask. Well, I have no idea! 
My instructions (as I remember them..) are to make a flower with a 13inch diameter using fiber materials, found objects, metal objects, "things a crow would pick up", with a spiral-type decoration in the center that doesn't follow as you would think; that surprises, with an overall non-symmetrical design with many different colours. 
The flower will be hung on a wall..
Well, here is what I have collected so far:
a key, several clip on earrings, offcuts of socks from a factory, glass and ceramic beads, offcuts of fabric i didn't use, shell beads, some weird shiny metallic fuzzy stuff, bottle caps, old brooches, metal chains.... ++++
basically two pictures of the same stuff, one edited, one not.
I wonder what this thing... this... wallflower will end up looking like? 
Ideas??? Please comment!


  1. It will be a funky amazing hodge podge of sunshine!


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