November 1, 2011

Pet Bunnies

My two funny bunnies: Puck and Milo! I have had Milo (the black one) for over a year now, and I will have had Puck for a year mid-November. I love them so much! They are so cuddly and unbelievably soft! 
Puck, the girl
Milo, the boy
They are both about as big as a loaf of bread (maybe a bit bigger) and they sort of gallop around when I let them out in the kitchen.. its so cute! Puck is feisty and adventurous- She tries to eat my shirts and the button eyes off of my monkey slippers. Milo is sweet and likes to lick my hands and fingers. They give each other bunny "hugs" by pressing their foreheads together.

Just thought I'd share these cuddly moments.... Now that the weather is getting colder, curling up with a warm body or even just a blanket can be absolute bliss.

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