August 29, 2011

Dinosaur Celebration

Ok, please bear with me as I have a cold that is making me feel kind of slow...Last night, as I was just about to fall asleep I had a funny idea for a post..
I'm sure lots of people have noticed dinosaurs, which were especially popular for "scene" kids a few years ago and still sort of are (I must admit... I was sort of on the fringe of the "scene" scene about five years ago..) anyways! I was thinking that its maybe sort of ironic that we (some of us) think dinosaurs are super cute and cool but they died so that mammals could eventually evolve to be bigger, and then some of them could develop bigger brains (apes, dolphins, more?).... in some cases the brains got so big and the fingers so dextrous (H. sapiens) that they eventually sculpted, sewed, and made toys out of what used to be the "dominant" species on the planet... and our ingeniousness is somewhat owed to their timely demise..
Here are some cute dinosaur things I found today on Etsy:
from Cindimh
from crazycouture
from Beats925
from Fiapdx


  1. Cool post. Our ancient enemies are now our toys. LOL Found you on EBT!

  2. lovely dinos!
    Following from EBT


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