August 28, 2011

Nature / Nurture?

Blogging is hard!! I can't ever think of what I want to write or post pictures of! (this is why I haven't posted in a while..) I've been trying to do some research on other blogs... trying to find out what inspires me.. it seems like lots of people post neat pictures and stuff.
I am also trying to figure out an aesthetic for my blog and my new etsy store... i really admire Sue Eggen of Giant Dwarf ... she has a really cute banner/header thing of her blog and store that maybe doesn't have so much to do with what she sells or makes, but it really sets the mood for her shop and the things she posts... I also like Florence's  of Flossie Teacakes style.. her header has an image of pretty colours of thread, which is perfect because her blog has lots of information about sewing!
Of course, I don't want to copy their stuff, I really want to make mine completely from scratch... But I do like the pale colours and simplicity of both styles. However, I am a very cluttered person... Here are some pictures of the house I was literally born in and (partially) raised in:

(these are from a few years ago, but honestly, this room doesn't look much different now...)
Now, here is a picture of part of my workspace/desk where I create things (this is a room in a different house):

Hmm... perhaps my aesthetic has something to do with how I was brought up...
As an aspiring anthropologist/psychologist/intellectual/(whatever!) I suppose it can be stimulating to muse on the relative importance of "nature" and "nurture." -- Perhaps I carry a gene (this is the "nature" talking) that makes being messy and cluttered like a reflex for me, and being in a clean, uncluttered environment for an extended period of time perhaps a bit uncomfortable even! However, perhaps I was conditioned through "nurture" to feel at home and safe in messy rooms... Who knows!?
Anyways, all of this circles back around to my original quandary... what kind of aesthetic do I want for my shop/blog/online portfolio of sorts...? Do I want to do something comfortable, easy, something scattered so that I can accomodate everything I like all the time... or should I try for something I admire in others and be more choosy and elegant...
Any advice is greatly appreciated..

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