August 5, 2011


 I am starting a new shop on Etsy. My old one, TravelingGnome was doing ok, but not moving as fast as I would have liked. Also, I felt the name didn't suit my products. So, here I am with a new user name and no items for sale (I am trying to wait and plan a bit more this time and make sure my products are top notch!) Last time I just dove right in and started adding things for sale, having sold a few things on Ebay, I thought I knew what I was doing... (silly me!) However, now I realize there is a lot more to this online business stuff than I ever imagined!
The main thing that became a problem right away was just getting noticed. (Even now I feel a bit silly, broadcasting my thoughts probably to no one..) Putting your artwork out there is like standing naked in a room full of people (and I am a very shy person in general) - it can be very uncomfortable. But then, just to get people to look at your stuff you have to put on a show ... called promoting... (which I suppose I am trying to do right now, through this blog!) It makes me feel slimy and gross and I hate advertising to my friends and telling them to tell their friends like I sometimes do on my facebook page.
And then there are people out there who do next to nothing and still get awesome sales numbers! I do not understand how that happens! While I am happy for them, I am jealous and baffled and seeing that makes me feel like theres something wrong with my stuff. (This is why I am trying to take my time with the new store and wait to make sure my items are awesome before posting them and I am attempting to expand my product line!..)
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you to anyone who reads this!

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  1. Good job on starting another blog, caught you from the Etsy forums. Looking forward to seeing what you put in your new store. Going over to your facebook page and give you some like. Keep up the good work and hard work in school, I've a master in applied psychology, loved the studies.


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