March 24, 2012

The End of Spring Break

My spring break is coming to an end.. Due to a death in Jim's family, my break didn't quite go as planned.. But I am sort of ok with that. I feel like this is just the way it had to be.

I ended up sitting around a lot more that I thought I would (despite the good weather!!) -- I just didn't really feel like moving around. Also, I didn't get most of the stuff done that I wanted to do.. And I still haven't really mentally prepared myself for school: 16 credit hours plus 8 hours of work per week plus somehow finding time to do about 20 hours of community service!! It is going to be crazy.

And I still haven't ordered my textbooks yet! (I hate spending so much money on them so I am leaving it to the last possible minute!! - smart, right?)

BUT as I enjoy my last night before I have to wake up early (sometime b9am). I am deciding to do something wholly unproductive and share with you some cute (sort of school-related) stuff that I would like (but can't afford) to order tonight instead of text books:

hand painted sloth moleskin notebook by leanimale
some FOXY shoes from emandsprout

reusable lunch bag from ohlittlerabbit
.. I need to pack my lunch more often...
GNOME lamp by czechpub
to read by (of course).. and to get my gnome fix

Mastodon wallet by hollymolecule
... I  collect wallets ♥ 
What do you do when avoiding doing something for school/work? 

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